Rising over

I get it, we are humans, we can be influenced by the media and by our perception of what is going on around us.

I also know that Yes, there is an energy now in the planet causing a pandemic of fear and isolation and taking so many lives. 

Does pandemic of fear exist?

Yes all of that is true and also is the fact that this pandemic of fear 

has the world Kneeling to it

Kneeling to the fear, the pain, the uncertainty, the doubt, the anxiety, the frustration, the resistance, the isolation, the scarcity and the dissonance of what’s true and what’s not. Yes, that’s true AND 

Also is the fact that the “virus” it’s an energy, it’s not even a “live” organism, it’s part of the consciousness and we can choose to RISE, Rise over kneeling to it, 

Choosing this time as a time to go deep inside and heal this consciousness inside ourselves, as we expand and RISE, the planet also expands and RISE . Where one goes we all go, 

I received a beautiful energy in the form of a meditation that I was guided to record from the powerful vortex of the highest energy mountain in Chirripo Costa Rica. 

The mountain that holds the mercava of energy vortex connecting the energy grids of this planet 

I am feeling called to GIFT this meditation to anyone wanting to RISE, the meditation is 17:17, 

17 minutes and 17 seconds which are both powerful numbers 1+7=8= infinite sacred number and 17:17

 equals 8+8= 16=1+6= 7 Divine sacred number.