“I will show you how to delete slavery codes, free your mind from the voices inside and access the vibration of abundance, love, purpose and joy ”

Yerlin Ramirez

Yerlin is a Costa Rican Quantum Integration Scientist, researcher, transformational leader and lecturer. In the last two years she has taught hundreds of people across the globe, in more than 40 cities and 26 countries, how to rewire their brains, transform their beliefs and remove the energy blocks that prevent them from living the life they dream of.

Having spent a great deal of her life learning, moving through several careers, achieving 7 careers, four masters and working with world-renowned shamans, healers and neuroscientists, Yerlin is an incredibly passionate seeker of truth, here to show others the way.

Connecting the scientific and spiritual worlds, Yerlin will teach you how to manifest energy into matter through a method that creates an abundant life FULL of purpose and contribution. The unparalleled teachings of her Quantum Integration method, teaches people worldwide, how to discover their own truth and potential, so they can radically change their lives.

My Experience


My life is a miracle, I believe that there are never coincidences, every single detail is connected to a superior purpose. 2 years ago, being pregnant and getting ready to move with my fiance to South Africa, I fell from the height of a 4th floor, breaking my spine and my leg in pieces, from this accident I was told I may never walk again. I went into surgery to reconstruct my body and when I woke up and called my beloved he said: this relationship is not good for me anymore and left me right there broken in pieces, this was the most challenging circumstance that I had to live


After hitting rock bottom, spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically and mentally… I made a choice. I chose to RISE from the ashes of my pain. I started to apply different healing modalities that I had learned before.

I would meditate for hours every day, learning to move energy around my body and send it to the parts that needed healing. With passion, focus and dedication I created a miracle – I was walking within 8 weeks! Doctors and specialists couldn’t believe it. After this miraculous recovery, I could not look at life in the same way again, my beliefs changed and I knew, deep in my core, we are capable of far more than we are led to believe.

My Mission

I have moved through periods of darkness, I have been presented with challenging situations that showed me the power that we have as creators of our reality, whatever that is, With every stage of healing and evolving, I grew more determined to look within and learn everything I could about the magic of the universe, energy, frequency and vibration.

I now dedicate my life to helping others move through whatever stands in the way of their happiness and fulfilment. I am here to share with you how to find true alignment with God, Source, your higher power – so you can experience all that you deserve in every area of your life. My commitment is to you and to your power as creator, there is magic around, if we can just believe! Are you ready? Let’s create magic!

I now devote my life to sharing the secrets that led me towards a life filled with joyful miracles. My biggest Joy and happiness is to watch others evolve and grow towards the magic of their highest potential

Work With Me

Are you ready to BELIEVE you can create and enjoy the life you are dreaming of? Let’s work together to break down those barriers, let go of those fears and voices and finally take quantum leaps towards greatness. Align Purpose with Higher Performance.