I looked back and saw everything, the multi million dollar house where I was living, the boat in front of the house, the fancy neighborhood surrounded by Some big names of USA, Mr Kraft owner of the New England Patriots, Boston major, Farrelly Brothers, DuPont family and many others.
I looked again and saw my two little girls eyes, I was really leaving.

I was going back to my original country with nothing more than those 2 little sunshine’s.
I had signed a prenup and I had no money on my own.

I was terrified, scared as I can remember in every cell of my body and with not even the smallest certainty that how will life unfold for me from now on.
I was going back to Costa Rica and in the last years of my life I had just been a wife and a mommy.
I knew I was leaving a fancy life, a rich husband and a privileged last name, after all the Bradshaw had been a family money name for a long time, My father in law had been advisor of many USA presidents and was the CEO Of the biggest insurances corporation in the states.

And suddenly there I was going home with empty hands and 2 little kids to support
I could hear so many voices in my head: are you crazy? Do you have an idea of what are you walking away from? Why are you doing this to your kids? They deserve this fancy life, you may regret this!
Still with all the voices and with my body shaking in fear I left
I decided to take the leap and take the jump into the unknown reality for me.
I went back to Costa Rica and suddenly reality started to hit me.

I was used to a high life style and I could not have it anymore.
Just some months back in Costa Rica and the stress started coming, how am I going to pay the house? The kindergarten for my kids? The expenses of our living?
I was feeling desperate, lost, scared and with lots of fear.

My house was months behind in rent, the British school kept calling me to tell me: we haven’t receive your payment and my life was spinning thousand times around.
And in this point of total desperation I knew about its existence!
The existence of this energy and love that was greater than anything else
I have seen girls in life calling sugar daddies to Men providing everything for them, and I had actually just walked away that same kind of rich husband.

I knew then that the Universe was my sugar daddy, if I needed something I knew how and to what extend to ask for it.
I remember crying on my knees so I could manifest money to pay the house and I remember crying because everything seems so messy.

I remember myself crying and saying: please, please take care of me.
Protect my kids and myself and provide for us.
The multiple miracles that I got back then still gives me goosebumps.
The Universe was my sugar daddy, the universe had my back.
The Universe was here to provide for absolutely everything for me.

I know what was the energy standing behind me and ahead of me.
The Universe became that sugar daddy that would just provide for me and it has been for a long long time.

Today if you are going through something and you don’t know how to get out, go and talk to your sugar daddy,
Ask and it will be given, Believe and the miracles will show up and most important than anything is remember you have the best sugar daddy, the creator, the owner: The Universe by your side. ❤️❤️


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