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Monetize Your Life© by Yerlin Ramirez has successfully established, accelerated 
and moved successful brands around the world.
The Monetize Your Life© by Yerlin Ramirez Training will equip you with comprehensive techniques 
to create and launch a successful personal brand


Create a brand message that is based on who you are and bring results into your life from MIND TO MUSCLE.


The Axes of Change for implementing neurological change in the habits that lead to content creation -sharing and monetizing.


Grow and expand your brand and learn the success Launch Mindset.

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It’s a 6-week Program!

Monetize your life it’s a 6 weeks program, where you learn to create- share and monetize a brand that is based in who you are!
Basically getting paid for being you! Feel the excitement on that!
Imagine yourself living an amazing life that would be like vacation for someone else and getting paid for it.

Imagine training your brain in a way that is neurologically wired to work for you and be in super flow.

💰 Install Neuro Atractors in your brain to pull you into your highest intention
💰 Create a brand message that is based on who you are
💰 Bring results into your life from MIND TO MUSCLE
💰 Funnels basics and tools to automate your sales
💰 Create a Powerful 12 month plan to achieve your goals month by month with workbook sheets  and templates 
💰 Create a Genius zone that allows you to create an handle interruptions in your life without loosing  your focus and flow 
💰 Grow your Products and Offerings
💰 The process to unleash your power and the tools and materials to work daily on that
💰 How to hire a Dreamed Team, All around the world to support you in your flow
💰 Getting into events that translate into more sales for you
💰 Create messages And post that monetize for you
💰 Learn the success Launch Mindset
💰 The Axes of Change for implementing neurological change in the habits that lead to content  creation -sharing and monetizing 
💰 Learn to have PROFIT FIRST on any launch and have people paying you before Your Brand Launches   anything 
💰 Content Creation – How to Create multiple presence online with one single piece of content
💰 Changing beliefs around money, content creation and monetizing
💰 Social Media tricks – Understanding The main Platforms, Growing them and having them work for you  in an automated way 
💰 How to up-sale your offers
💰 Online Essentials – How to Easily Set Up your Online Business
💰 And so much more…

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What Clients Say

Anabella Sapon

I‘d always questioned why was necessary for me to be alive. I’d question “why me” all the time and would constantly beat up my self every time something went wrong. I would spent high quantities of money for a 45 minute session with psychologists who’d only suggested what they thought was right; but, what about what their patient felt was right?
Eventually I stopped seeing psychologists and came across Yerlin. Not only did I learned the importance of self love through her help, but also how the human brain works and how it’s been programmed by our environment, nutrition, friends, and thoughts our whole life. Yerlin never told me what to do and what was right. Instead, she’d askme questions every time. I learned that deep within me, I had the answers and the power to create my own reality. This changed my whole point of view in life. Her way of helping me was educating me and teaching me how our vehicle of life (the human body) has to be taken cared of physically, mentally and emotionally.
Her passion towards helping people is strong. Just as she impacted my life, I am sure she as impacted thousands across the world. Today, I no longer think “why me?” Instead, I am grateful everyday it’s happening to me. I don’t victimize my self anymore because life is NOT happening to me, it is RESPONDING to me.

Michael Pellegrino

Yerlin Ramirez is inspiring, knowledgeable, energetic, loving, caring, compassionate, and devoted to her students and children. When you think energy, you see Yerlin. After connecting a couple years ago because we share the same mentors, it was an absolutely honour to be enrolled in her Meta-Coach training in person. Yerlin is a powerhouse woman - a Divine Creator - who's not afraid to take you deep into the layers of your subconscious mind while holding the space for you with grace and dignity. She practices what she preaches and delivers the training material with passion and conviction.
I not only enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to train under her leadership again but more sacredly, I have deep reverence and gratitude for Yerlin - my friend, my mentor, and soul sister. Lots of love and light ☮️❤️💡🕉

Mary Galvez Barreto Siddall

There are not words to describe the level of coaching that Yerlin does. I hired her for 5 sessions and the benefits were there from day one. I also had the pleasure to attend one of her two day seminars and it was mind blowing. We did not want her to stop teaching us. Her sessions and her trainings are from the heart. Her passion is contagious and her commitment to serve is amazing. If I could give her more than 5 stars, I would.